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Token gating and easy access to exclusivity
As discussed in the previous section, the conventional business infrastructure is unable to support the implementation of decentralization and data sovereignty, whereas the advent of NFT technology opens up a new way to envision the entire operation. Here are a few fundamental advantages that are unique to an NFT-based membership and ticketing.
Membership means exclusivity. By implementing the idea of token gating, a simple Web3 sign-on within a website or an app of a brand can automatically help the service identify the user as a VIP member. The user would simply need to have the relevant NFT membership minted by the brand within their SSO-compatible Web3 wallet. Immediately, exclusive and tiered perks that are otherwise locked or hidden can be unlocked for access depending on the particular rarity or tier of the NFT membership they hold. NFT membership in this case allows brands to provide a seamless process of verification and experience of exclusive access to select users simply upon login. There is no need to set up a separate system and the same goes for the users, whichever brand they choose to visit.