🌵 | Scarcity

Leveraging the scarcity, and maximizing the perks
Membership is given exclusivity and value due to the scarce availability or opportunity to acquire the membership. With NFT-based memberships, scarcity is intensified as the limited number of membership collectibles can be traded in the open market. Additionally, the rarity component of NFTs both in design and tiered benefit packages will add to the scarcity and desirability. And fundamentally, it can serve the brands as an opportunity to identify and continue to provide a more targeted servicing to loyal customers that are committed users of the respective services, as the acquisition of the particular NFT membership pass would signify their intent to stay.
Also, the scarcity in turn helps holders secure better and more exclusive benefits as the number of members is smaller in size. Brands can focus on creating a more customized experience for the customers without having to worry about the perks running thin.