📈 | Liquidity & Royalty

An NFT-based membership relieves the pressure of having to keep an unwanted membership in fear of cancellation penalties as the holders can freely trade their memberships in the open market should they decide to relinquish the membership status. Furthermore, the holder may even stand to profit from reselling the membership depending on the demand of the membership in possession.
In other words, NFT-based membership allows the flexibility for the holders to maximize the benefits that come with the membership and the freedom to dispose of it for potential monetary profits at will when their need for it expires. And the brands that issued the particular membership also stand to benefit from this flexibility as the membership can be set up at minting to designate a recurring transaction royalty. As the value of the membership appreciates, and the reselling continues, the brand has now an additional revenue source at no extra cost while continuously maintaining the total number of committed users that are willing to acquire the membership in pursuit of the benefits that come as a user of the service. The liquid nature of NFTs makes this possible.