Fellaz Whitepaper v1.0

😎 | Stakeholders

Stakeholders include brands, membership holders, and affiliates. This section describes who they are and how Fellaz may propose to reward each stakeholder.


Within the Fellaz ecosystem, a “brand” refers to any entity that provides a core service as a business and can potentially join the Fellaz ecosystem to issue a collaborative NFT membership for their product or promotional campaign.

Membership holders

Within the Fellaz ecosystem, and in the context of Web3, it’s not easy to draw a clear distinction between “customers" and “collectors.” So instead, we want to specify our users as "membership holders." A membership holder may either hold one or a variety of Fellaz Pass in the form of an NFT in their wallet. They stand to benefit from the benefits that are embedded in the NFTs they hold at minting and can sell or lease their membership status or NFT as they desire in the open market.


Every version of the Fellaz Pass is connected to service providers that have joined the Fellaz Alliance as "affiliates." "Affiliates" are individual businesses that will offer unique benefits within the parameters of their service scope to "Membership holders" of either Fellaz Pass or a collaborative NFT membership that represents a brand.