💵 | Monetary Policies

In order to counteract any potential volatility and also to aid token price stability, we may implement a number of inflationary and deflationary mechanisms that control the flow of Fellaz tokens.

Lock-up mechanism

As a measure against price volatility and defense, tokens distributed to team members and early investors will be subject to a predetermined lock-up period, during which time tokens may not be transferred or sold.

Staking mechanism and reward

As another price defense mechanism, a staking option will be provided along with a metrics-based reward mechanism. The staking option will in turn aid in preventing price volatility while increasing the demand for the token. $FLZ holders will receive staking rewards without a prerequisite lockup period to fulfill. The reward amount will be calculated every 24 hours and sent to the staker’s account. The total supply of the staking reward pool will be adjusted for two years after issuance every 180 days.

LP staking and reward

Fellaz rewards liquidity providers that provide liquidity for the $FLZ-ETH pair on Uniswap in accordance to the amount of tokens staked. The LP staking reward will continue for 365 days after the launch. However, the LP staking and reward policy may change at any given time upon official notice.

Buyback mechanism

A percentage of revenue from income-generating services within the ecosystem including transaction fees may be earmarked for a buyback program whereby Fellaz tokens will be purchased on the free market and added to the reward pool. The buyback program will in turn create ongoing liquidity and demand for the token all the while contributing to the overall success of the network.