🪙 | Fellaz Token

The Fellaz ecosystem will be used centrally by three different categories of participants: brands, membership holders, and affiliates. While each stakeholder comes with a different goal and will play a different role within the ecosystem, there needs to be unified incentive metrics and structure in order to effectively and consistently align the interests of the stakeholders. (As of October 7th, $FLZ is officially listed and being traded on Huobi Global).

Fellaz Token ($FLZ)

Fellaz token powers the Fellaz ecosystem and it is designed to align governance and financial incentives that will lead to increased ecosystem onboarding, which in turn will add to the viability of the Fellaz ecosystem as a comprehensive Web3 lifestyle and entertainment membership and ticketing protocol. The token will provide initially two primary functions: priority access and governance participation. Fellaz tokens can be staked as collateral to level up their NFT rank to gain more perks and priority access to drops of new or exclusive membership passes or ticket collectibles that can be redeemed upon entrance at performances and events within the Fellaz ecosystem.
Also, any amount of Fellaz token that is staked within the protocol is automatically granted governance weight accordingly and can participate in the decision-making process as a stakeholder. While the token utility as a social token can be discussed in the near future, as of now there are no plans to implement the ideas of a social token as the execution of this may cause legal disputes and will not materialize as promised. We may introduce a node operation role that is unlocked by staking as an optional means of earning a cut of the ecosystem earnings. As a general rule of thumb, however, our default stance in regard to incentivization is to ensure metrics-based distribution. Any form of rewards and privileged access will be funneled accordingly to those that contribute and bring more value to the ecosystem through active participation, which in turn will drive demand back to the Fellaz token.
Token Name : Fellaz Token
Ticker : FLZ
Network : Ethereum
Total Supply : 2,000,000,000 FLZ
Burn Ratio : 4% of total circulating supply annually
FLZ Token Allocation