Fellaz Whitepaper v1.0

🚗 | Roadmap & Milestones

*Certain steps within the roadmap may be added or modified circumstantially



  • Develop initial service and business infrastructure for Fellaz ecosystem
  • Initiate the design for the first original Metaverse native idol IP: Meta Miu
  • Engage in community build-up including Felix (BAYC#8169)
  • Launch Fellaz.xyz beta services


  • List $FLZ on a major exchange
  • Reveal Meta Miu debut song, the first Metaverse native idol project
  • Initiate the development of the blockchain ticketing solution
  • Co-host a major music festival in Asia


  • Initiate a street culture brand under the Fellaz franchise
  • Deploy the NFT-based blockchain ticketing service for actual events
  • Introduce Web3 features on Fellaz.xyz
  • Onboard a number of K-pop labels and artists into the ecosystem



  • Initiate the first round of the $FLZ buyout program
  • Ethereum support for a blockchain ticketing solution
  • Initiate development of NFT minting solution
  • Engage in the promotion of the community rewards program


  • Acquire equities of strategic partners
  • Acquire and diversify various Web3 IPs and content assets
  • Polygon support for the blockchain ticketing solution
  • Onboard iconic global actors and studios into the ecosystem


  • BSC support for the blockchain ticketing solution
  • Host the first global Fellaz-branded music festival in Tokyo
  • Initiate the second round of the $FLZ buyout program