🎤 | Web3 Fandom Platform

In the world of Web3 entertainment, a fan reaction and action like clicking on the like button are engraved in the blockchain and your comments are also recorded and made identifiable. In this Web3 environment, artists and users have ownership over what is produced and derived, in form of NFTs and data stored in the blockchain. A metrics-based compensation system is made possible using blockchain technology, and by doing so fan participation that leads to the sustained growth of the community can be incentivized effectively, which in turn, will help grow the artist’s reputation and presence within the global marketplace.

Monetization for fandom content

While Fellaz offers an NFT-based membership and ticketing solution, it also offers original entertainment content and IRL events. Alongside original IP-based NFTs and goods in form of multiple mediums, fandom-derived content, such as fan-driven NFTs, that is relevant to the artist or the artist’s work, and is not in violation of the community’s policy can be minted and sold for monetization. This will allow more engaged communication between the artist and the fans, and in turn, aid in growing the brand and community. Fans can freely capture the non-fungible moment of their favorite stars and monetize their passion and contribution.

Incentive tool & S2E model

In addition, each fandom community can use the incentive system to activate the S2E (Support-to-Earn) mode of token compensation. Each community can customize the settings to secure the most suitable incentive system in adherence to the demands of the community members. A portion of the $FLZ from the reward pool, along with the right to autonomously choose the distribution ratio, will be handed to the fandom communities based on their contributions as evaluated by the ecosystem metrics that consider the size of the community and count different types of community activities such as posting new original content, community interactions, reactions, and more.

Community governance

Ideally, fans that contribute the most to the community should be given more decision-making power. While this may be changed following the needs or decisions that are made within each fandom community, we plan to provide, by default, a governance framework that gives more voting power to hard-earned $FLZ versus $FLZ acquired elsewhere when the voting takes place to decide on the policy and other important governance agenda within the respective community.

Upvotes and reputation system

We plan to provide a reputation system where the members of the respective fandom community can either upvote or downvote the content including original and outside images, text, audio, and video files that the fans upload within the community pages and boards, each accordingly to his or her sense of judgment to ensure community-controlled censorship and proliferation of good content that are conducive to the growth of the community.