🚀 | NFT Membership

The medium dictates the configuration of the content and the way it is associated with the receiving end. Today, NFTs and the underlying blockchain assets are the most novel form of digital medium. And clearly, NFT technology or NFT as a medium is transforming the very nature of digital goods and the potential commercial implications. In order to create a viable business model within the Web3 ecosystem, the nature of NFT as a self-standing and generative commodity must be recognized and exploited.
PFP or Profile Picture is a form of an NFT that uses the generative art technique to produce multiple series of images that combine various design traits with different rarity levels to create a collection of unique representations of the shared traits. Fellaz plans to provide a minting service for the decentralized networks of NFT membership holders a badge for the respective brand and its members that identify with the brand in concern. Also, there may be yet another use case involving $FLZ, the utility token that runs the Fellaz ecosystem.
POAP stands for proof of admission protocol, and this form of NFT is in line with Fellaz’s vision of bringing consumers on board as central stakeholders. POAP NFT will serve as a symbolic badge that primarily proves attendance at a gathering, but cumulatively an identity and proof of dedication as a loyal customer. While POAPs can be sold and bought, depending on the internal governance of the respective fandom communities or the hosting entity, such transaction may not be deemed favorable, and most likely be used as means of added satisfaction for the attending consumers that received the POAP as a result of actual attendance. We anticipate there will be multiple ways of utilizing the POAP to incentivize and reward participation.