Fellaz Whitepaper v1.0

🎫 | Blockchain Ticketing

Fellaz Ticketing is a unique concept and an exclusive Fellaz feature that allows users to purchase tickets to both offline and metaverse events in the form of an NFT. Through this service, the creators or the user who hosts the events through Fellaz are given the option to sell NFT-based admission tickets in the form of either direct sale or auction. Since the ticket is minted as an NFT, the user that purchased the ticket can permanently keep it, put it on display, or choose to sell it either before or after the date of the event as needed in the secondary market or simply transfer it to other users via a Web3 wallet. Through this service, we plan to bring transparency to the ticketing industry, which in turn, will prevent any form of forgery, price manipulation, and inequity of information and access.
Search interface for upcoming events near you
Users can search for events around your neighborhood and buy or bid for the newly minted NFT tickets for these upcoming events. The same user can also choose to sell the NFT ticket via direct resale or auction. For example, when the tickets to an event are sold out, the users can make direct offers to those that have the ticket.
Tickets as a collectible: bid, buy and sell
Since the ticket is minted in form of an NFT, every transaction data is saved securely and permanently on the blockchain allowing users to utilize the ownership status over the NFT tickets as a way to certify their fandom. Also, users can bid on the tickets which are on auction and they can also buy the tickets which are put on direct sale by the organizer. Users can see bids of other users and the pricing history of any specific ticket category.
Convenient admission via wallet and QR code
Every NFT ticket purchased on the Fellaz platform is linked with the user's personal wallet, and upon admission checkup, the user can simply use the QR code as provided within the wallet interface for a quick admission verification.
Ticket Reselling
Once the NFT ticket is purchased, the user can transfer the ticket to another user either free or at the market price, if before the event. Post-event reselling can be done at a price as quoted by the reseller and they can also put the ticket on auction so that the highest bidder can get the ticket.